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Вышла RHEL 7.3

Наиболее ожидаемые нововведения

CAN protocol has been enabled in the kernel

The Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol kernel modules have been enabled, providing the device interface for CAN device drivers. CAN is a vehicle bus specification originally intended to connect the various micro-controllers in automobiles and has since extended to other areas. CAN is also used in industrial and machine controls where a high performance interface is required and other interfaces such as RS-485 are not sufficient. The functions exported from the CAN protocol modules are used by CAN device drivers to make the kernel aware of the devices and to allow applications to connect and transfer data. Enablement of CAN in the kernel allows the use of third party CAN drivers and applications to implement CAN based systems. (BZ#1311631)


Наконец-то можно в RHEL использовать SocketCAN из коробки (теперь не надо держать виртуалку с ненавистным дистрибутивом для работы со сниффером/мостом CAN). Явно прослеживаются тенденции к тому, что RedHat подкрадывается к Automotive Industry (как минимум IVI).

Support for latest Bluetooth, including Bluetooth LE

This update provides latest Bluetooth support, including support for connecting to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices. This helps to ensure proper functionality of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. (BZ#1296707)


Должны заработать утилиты из пакета bluez (gatttool, lescan, lecc, etc). Также необходимо проверить связку с WireShark (емнип, там есть специальный модуль для разбора пакетов BLE).


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